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  Mobile Apps like Nantive app,Hybrid Apps | Fees : 800 / hr

Course Content ~ Mobile Apps Development with Android Studio
PhoneGap etc
Java Concepts
Introduction to Java
OOPS refreshing concept
Android - Basics
Introduction to Android
What is Android?
History of Android
Android versions - History
Introduction to Android Apps Development TOOL
What is Activity?Developing a Simple Android Log In screen UI design
Types of Layouts in Android
Introduction to Android Java class file & its structure
Android App Development
Creating a simple Toast Message Application on click of a button
What is Android Virtual device (AVD)?
How to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)?
How to run our App on our own Android device?
Android Activity Lifecycle
Android Menus
Creating Alert dialog box in Android
Basic widgets in android
Creating a Simple user registration page UI
Getting data from widgets
Creating a new Activity
Passing Data between Activities
What is Android Manifest file
What is build gradle
Date and Time picker
Playing Audio and Video in android
Turn on WiFi
Bluetooth programmatically
Sending SMS and